it's time to confirm your details and get ready to travel

SHE's delighted you're travelling with us. To help get you on your way, SHE needs some important details regarding your travel plans, passport and insurance policy, and some other information that will help look after you while you're travelling with us.  Please take the time to complete the forms below (there are two forms, one for general travel and one for your flight arrival and departure details).  You can return to this form at a later date to amend or edit your details. 

If you have any problems or concerns completing this information, please contact us via email:

  • Please take time to read our full Terms & Conditions including cancellation clauses, before completing this form.  
  • Full payment is due prior to your trip departure. Final balances must be paid prior to departure and by no later than Friday 10 November.

Step 1: general traveller information

Name *
please include your country code (if outside Australia, eg. +64) and area code (if within Australia)
please provide an alternate number as a contingency (eg. home phone or another family member's phone number)
Passport expiry date *
Passport expiry date
Please note: your passport must be valid for 6 months from the final travel date of your trip. Please check this date carefully before continuing. You will not be able to travel if your passport does not meet this criteria.
I've read the terms and conditions of travel *

Step 2: flight arrival and departure information

Arrival date *
Arrival date
flight arrival into Colombo (Bandaranaike Airport)
(flight details for your arrival into destination)
Departure date *
Departure date
(flight details for your return flight to your home port)
Transfers from Negombo (approx 15 minutes from Bandaranaike Airport) are provided on Friday 24 November and returning on Thursday 30 November. Please confirm if you require transfers to our retreat villa.
Return transfers to Negombo are provided on Friday 30 Nov.

SHE's looking forward to travelling with you! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information please contact us via email