delicious food, authentic local experiences, time for you

SHE loves to eat, and surfing builds a healthy appetite! On the days we surf in the morning we’ll enjoy a light breakfast before we head out. We’ll return to the villa to a brunch guaranteed to nourish your body and soul.

Our week in Bali includes most meals and we’ll mix it up as much as possible: from the stylish cafes and bars of the island, to dining with our feet in the sand, SHE will take you to some of our favourite restaurants for dinner. Enjoy beautiful fresh juices, sip cocktails as the sun sinks in the west, enjoy an ice cold Bintang if you’d prefer – it’s always happy hour in Bali!

We’ll dine in our villa for a couple of nights and be treated to our chef’s fabulous western and Balinese cuisine. There are always plenty of food choices and options – if you have particular requirements just let us know and we’ll make sure you’re looked after.

And there’s a chance for you to explore your own options on two evenings – SHE’s happy to recommend restaurants and best of all, SHE guarantees you’ll never go hungry.

taking time to mix with the locals

There’s much more to Bali than the hustle and bustle of Seminyak, Legian and Kuta. There’s no doubt it’s a lot of fun watching the sun set from the comfort of a beanbag with a cheeky cocktail, or shopping until you drop in the streets of these vibrant areas. But to really know Bali you need to venture further afield. SHE believes that the best things in life are about balance – so we’ll take a day out to change the pace, and explore the cultural heart of Bali.

We’ll travel to Ubud where we’ll be welcomed into a traditional Balinese family compound. And what better way to understand a culture than to get to know the food.  We’ll prepare authentic cuisine using spices and local organic ingredients in recipes that have been passed down through generations of the family. And to finish, we’ll enjoy our delicious lunch, knowing we’ve prepared it, overlooking the river and the rice fields.

This is an experience you will never forget, a day to be treasured – an invitation to meet the real Bali.


Breathe, unwind, stop for a while. Bali is good for the soul – there’s no doubt life is more simple here and it’s the perfect place to remember to slow down, take time out to recharge and restore the balance.

To help you relax, in the SHE way, we’ve included these fabulous moments of pampering during your week in Bali:


2 x 1 hour massages are included for you to enjoy during the week. SHE recommends waiting until you arrive in Bali, maybe after your first or second surf session, before you choose when you’d like your massage.  Your muscles will be sore from surfing and massage is the ideal way to help loosen up your neck and shoulders. You’ll sleep like a baby, and wake refreshed and revitalised.


Yoga and surfing have a natural partnership. The physical benefits of yoga also complement the flexibility and power that helps us to get back on our boards each day, have the most fun, and prevent injuries when surfing.

SHE has included 2 x 90 minute sessions focused specifically on poses that will help to strengthen your arms, lower back, and improve your balance and flexibility.

spa pampering

During the week we will visit one of our favourite spas to indulge in 2 hours of treatments. You’ll have a choice of a massage, facial, body scrub or mask, maybe a divine hair cream bath (perfect after-surf pampering!). Breathe in, breathe out, and…relax!

just sit and watch the world go by

Sometimes relaxing is as simple as sitting in a cafe watching the world get on with it’s business. ‘Nowhere to go, nothing to do’ is a mantra SHE loves – it’s the luxury of having time to yourself, to do with as you please.

Maybe relaxing to you means lying by the pool for an afternoon – with or without a long, tall, gin and tonic. Whatever you choose, there’s plenty of time to just sit back and ‘be’ in Bali. After all – it’s your holiday.  It's your time.