small groups, experienced local instructors, personalised attention guaranteed to help you progress and improve your surfing skills

Bali is an island paradise and conditions are ideal for any level of surfer. You may be surprised to know how perfect it can be for those new to surfing.

Our small groups (no more than 8 ladies and no less than 3 – 4 instructors) mean you’ll have plenty of one on one time to start honing your skills. You’ll be surprised and amazed at how quickly you’ll be standing up and catching your first wave!

Our local surf instructors and guides are the best in the business and they know their backyard better than anyone. Their priority is to help you gain confidence in the water, and to make sure you stay safe while you're learning and improving your skills.  If this is your first time surfing you’re in excellent hands. Our first session starts with instruction on the beach, taking you through the important basics and helping you understand correct technique before we hit the water. We start on softboards (made of foam for added safety and buoyancy) and nice small waves so we can build our confidence on the board and in the water. Surfing is all about practicing patience – with yourself learning a new skill, and with the ocean (you just can’t make a wave appear no matter how badly you want it!).  And there’s a few words you’ll hear a lot from our fine instructors…’paddle paddle paddle, stand up, and RELAX!’

With an average sea water temperature between 26 – 29 degrees all year round you won’t be needing a wetsuit to surf in Bali.  It’s just another reason to run away to this island paradise and get surfing!

For beginners you’ll cover:

  • paddling
  • standing up
  • understanding waves and surf conditions
  • surf etiquette
  • safety in the water, around your fellow surfers

If you’ve had a few surf lessons or are an intermediate surfer there’s plenty on offer for you too. Our instructors will help you progress even further with your surfing. They’ll evaluate your technique and skill level and make sure you have the chance to challenge yourself in a safe environment.

It’s all about having huge amounts of fun in a safe and supportive environment. You won’t be able to stop smiling! SHE guarantees it!