SHE has designed the ‘suitcase rating‘ as a guide to the cost of each trip. You’ll notice each destination and trip has the ‘suitcase rating’ in the detailed overview. At a glance you can see if the trip’s under $2000 for our short break options, or over $5000 for our longer more extensive itineraries. This is a general guide and we’ll provide you with more information about the itinerary and costs on request.

short breaks

Short breaks are typically planned over a weekend, in destinations that are within Australia, with a 4 day itinerary. Short hop international trips include New Zealand – just across the ditch!

1 suitcase = up to $2,000 per person

medium length trips

7 – 10 days
These trips involve international travel, usually 3 nights in each destination of a multi-city itinerary, and are planned for 7 – 11 days in total (including travel time).

2 suitcases = between $2,000 – $5,000 per person

international longer trips

10 + days
The big ones…the trip you’ll plan to take when you can run away for at least 2 weeks. These itineraries involve long haul international travel (it’s a 14 hour flight to Los Angeles!), the minimum 3 nights in each destination, and all the bells and whistles.

3 suitcases = from $5,000 per person