Want to learn to surf but need some convincing?

As 2015 draws to a close (with a sigh of relief for many of us...what a year!) our thoughts begin to turn towards a new year, and what that might look like for us. 

2016 might be they year you choose a new challenge, to try something different, maybe step outside your comfort zone. It might be the year you decide it's time to do something for yourself, that's all about you, just for you.  

If this sounds familiar then it's the perfect time to join us in Bali and learn to surf. If you think you're too old, not athletic enough, or that you don't fit the 'surfer girl' image, then think again. Surfing is for everyone, at every age, and with no discrimination for our shape or size. 

SHE proudly boasts that the majority of the ladies who travel with us to Bali are mature, often with grown up children, travelling solo for whatever reason, often 40+. Age makes no difference to us, and it certainly doesn't matter at all when we're in the water. What we know is that surfing changes the way we see the world, giving us a different perspective, and being in the ocean brings us joy and a sense of freedom. It's the perfect balance to our busy lives and our daily routines.

If you want to know what it's like to spend a week with us in Bali, surfing every day, with a fabulous group of women just like you, then read our latest article in one of our favourite magazines, micenet...

 micenet december 2015: Seize the day - group adventure

micenet december 2015: Seize the day - group adventure

Join us in 2016. Because you deserve it. 

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