Real women do surf!

Women learning to surf, in their late 30's and early 50's...really? Women who don't look like super models but are glowing with good health from the inside out, through the joy of spending time in the ocean. Yep, that's real women, and we surf. And we love it.

SHE's been surfing with this group of ladies for a little while now. The two youngest (at 35 and 36 years respectively) started surfing 3 years ago. The oldest of the group (with tongue firmly in cheek) our 'matriarch' at 52, is a former pro surfer, returning to the waves after too long away. She shows us all up, but we love her for it! Out there in the ocean, as we're waiting for the next set, we're like teenagers again. The joy that comes from riding a wave is like nothing any of us has ever experienced before. We laugh a lot, raise our arms in the air, high five each other on party waves, and just hang out together. It's a simple life when we're in Bali, surfing every day. A long way from our regular lives at home and at work. It's the perfect escape. And constantly humbling.

SHE's proud to be 51 years old and, thanks to surfing, feeling fit and healthier than ever. SHE's still learning, grateful to have an excellent surf coach, and SHE knows her limitations out in the surf. SHE's giving it a go, and remembering that it's all about practice, practice, practice. 

Spending time with these women, and many just like them during our SHE surfs trips to Bali, reminds us that age is no barrier to starting something new, or to learning a new skill. As women we come in different shapes and sizes, and it couldn't matter less to us. We think about how we look in a swimsuit for 5 minutes, before realising no-one else cares. And then we don't think about it again. We share the same views on body image, that as long as we feel good, then we've hit the most important mark. We're not young girls, obsessed with Instagram selfies, and we don't care if we have curves or lumpy bits.  We think that's healthy, and liberating. 

So real women do surf. Think you're too old to learn? Think again. You have nothing to lose and you might just find one of the great joys in life, out there on the waves. Come and join us this year. 

SHE offers ladies-only surfing holidays to Bali. Never surfed before? Perfect. Know how to surf but want to improve? No problems. SHE'll make sure you're well looked after. Find out more here...