Mums and daughters surfing together - a very special holiday experience this May

 Post surf on Kuta Reef with our wonderful surf instructors - happy days!

Post surf on Kuta Reef with our wonderful surf instructors - happy days!

SHE is thrilled to be welcoming a fabulous woman back to Bali this May. Sue surfed with us on one of our first trips in November 2014. She represents everything SHE loves about the community we're building through women travelling together and sharing a love of the ocean and surfing: Sue's a mature woman who's comfortable in her own skin, prepared to give anything a go, and as it turns out, fearless on the waves! She's also a mother of four, with two daughters in their early twenties. 

Sue is returning to surf with us and what's even more special is the fact that she's bringing her daughters along. It's because of this, SHE decided to dedicate our May trip to celebrating the special bond between Mums and their daughters. 

SHE asked Sue why she was keen to share this holiday with her daughters. Here's what she had to say:

"Can’t wait to return with SHE travels for our Bali surfing adventure. My last trip felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity to luxuriate and learn a new sport, and I’ve had nothing but joy going out surfing every chance I get, even surfing in the cold Victorian winter, I’m so keen!  I enjoyed the trip so much that I decided to take my girls on the same adventure because, not only is it fabulous time out from their busy lives, but I’m hoping they will have as much success and fun as I did (and no doubt more, given they are young and fit), and I just think it’s the best way to learn. Last time I think I surfed 50 perfect waves over 6 days, that must be some sort of record, and it made me really improve. I look forward to many years ahead surfing as a family and I think this is the best way to motivate them to surf whenever they can. I also love that they are going to feel thoroughly spoilt while they're away, that should rack up a few brownie points for me!  See you soon!"

You can read about Sue's first surf trip with us. If her story has inspired you to treat yourself to a holiday with your daughter, you can join us in Bali 22 - 28 May. SHE knows it's going to be a wonderful week! 

SHE surfs hosts surfing holidays for women in Bali. You can check the details here or contact us to chat about our holidays.