Surf & yoga: a match made in paradise

Surf & yoga are the perfect match, complimenting each other beautifully, combining strength, focus, and a deep sense of grounding and connection. Our 5 day holiday for women immerses us in daily surf and yoga, giving us the chance to escape the busyness of our daily lives. 

SHE's fortunate to surf regularly in this beautiful part of the world, on friendly waves, in warm water, with local guides to take us to the best locations. Regular yoga practice has helped and supported our surfing in so many ways: by increasing range of motion, improving balance, as a pre and post surf warm up, and importantly, recovery for weary muscles. The mental focus yoga teaches serves us well in the water, when we're constantly reminded to be nowhere else, to be present, to challenge ourselves, and to be amazed at what our bodies are capable of. 

There are so many parallels between these two great practices, and SHE has found that women who have a regular yoga practice feel more comfortable on a surf board even as complete beginners. More experienced surfers are discovering that yoga can support us to recover more quickly, to increase our stamina, and to help ease sore muscles from time in the surf. 

Practicing simple yoga poses and sequences helps us get back into the water each day. And you won't want to miss one single day of these beautiful waves! You don't need to be an experienced yogi or surfer to join us on our 5 day holiday, but SHE knows that this match made in paradise might just become addictive.

So take time to reconnect, recharge and rejuvenate with us this July. It's the perfect escape. 

Join our next 5 day 'surf & yoga escape' in Bali 11 - 15 July. Find out more here.