SHE's entering the travelling with babies debate...


It seems the topic of babies travelling on planes is a constant source of discussion amongst the travelling public.  Miranda Kerr jetted into Sydney yesterday morning with the incredibly gorgeous baby Flynn - of course everyone gets off a long haul flight looking this good! However, as more people travel more regularly, and with all the family, the discussion and debate will continue - and everyone has an opinion! A recent article in The Age quotes a Hilton Honours survery: "Sixty per cent of travellers would choose to drive 10 hours by themselves in silence rather than take a 10-hour flight with a crying baby".

And other results are in:

"Sitting next to a crying baby is better than sitting next to someone with body odour, but a lot worse than sitting next to a "boring talkative" person or obese person" (a recent poll by DDB Worldwide Communications Group).

And: "Fifty-four per cent of respondents in a recent Skyscanner survey favour family-only sections on planes, with all families with children relegated to one area."

If the airlines are listening to the travelling public, the 'family only' sections of the plane might be a reality sooner than we think. In the days before we could choose our seat preferences online prior to boarding, Virgin Australia (then Virgin Blue) allocated family groups toward the back of the plane. No complaints then - from anyone. Funny about that.

And for the record: SHE doesn't think any of this is about discrimination folks! It's about taking all traveller's needs and requirements into consideration. It's a long time to be confined to a small space, wouldn't you do whatever you could to ease the pain?