Bali's best fish & chips - ahoy the Salty Seagull!

Salty Seagull

Salty SeagullThe folks from Motel Mexicolo have done it again! Enter The Salty Seagull - a lively restaurant and bar in the same style as Mexicola and just down the road. SHE and a buddy dropped in here during a recent stay in Bali. Having followed the updates on Facebook, SHE couldn't resist a peek at one of the new kids on the block in the ever-changing restaurant world that is Seminyak. The Salty Seagull is in a great location on Jalan Petitenget in Seminyak: just around the corner from Potato Head and the W Hotel, down the road from one of our favourites, Taco Local. We were met by a cheery young lady who happily led us past the ping pong tables (Tuesday's are tournament night!) into the central bar and restaurant area. It's a simple menu with nothing too fancy, and not much sign of anything green and 'healthy' (read salads), but we were here for the fish and chips.

Salty Seagull's barSHE started with a prawn cocktail - very 80's, big fat prawns, excellent cocktail sauce. My buddy ordered the fish and chips battered; SHE chose the crumbed variety. Both were delicious. The chips were fried to perfection - SHE couldn't get enough of them. The margaritas (at around $10) were amongst the best SHE's sampled in Bali...and SHE's spent a lot of time on this particular research!

The beer gardenThere's a large outside area that feels like an Aussie beer garden, complete with astro-turf and a huge screen that was showing a surfing movie at last visit. The whole venue has a relaxed, come-as-you-are and do-as-you-like feel.

SHE's heading back to Bali over Easter and is looking forward to another visit to the Salty Seagull. Maybe SHE'll challenge the girls to a ping pong tournament? Loser buys the margaritas!