Cafe Vue - welcome to Melbourne Airport!


SHE loves airports. While they can be some of the most stressful places on earth, many of us end up spending considerable time trawling around them. Especially if you're travelling internationally and have obeyed the instruction to arrive 2 - 3 hours prior to your flight. If it's an early flight, you've probably forgone breakfast. So having checked in, it's off to find something remotely satisfying amongst the food and beverage outlets.  McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, ordinary coffee in a paper cup, ordinary focaccias that have been sitting in a glass display for hours...Ho hum. And now, at last...what a wonderful surprise to find the very stylish Cafe Vue shining like a beacon in the newly revamped Melbourne International Airport terminal! Pass through security and customs, pick up your duty free and treat yourself to a great Melbourne cafe institution.  When SHE visited a few weeks ago, SHE perched up at a lovely high table and watched the airport world go by. It was early-ish (around 8am) so breakfast was calling.

Crispy corn fritters with avocado purée. Yum. At $11 it's far superior to the buffet breakfast offering in the main airport. Real food, cafe quality, cooked to order and beautifully presented. Coffee by 5 senses with organic milk in lovely crockery. Delicious.(Of course you can do takeaway coffee but SHE doesn't do paper cups or coffee on the run - life's too short to drink from cardboard!)

Bread is baked on the premises using organic flour.  There's sandwiches, pies, salads, cakes, pastries and biscuits made daily. Wonderful, fresh, appetising options. SHE loved the Plane Boxes: for those travelling on low cost airlines you can choose from a picnic style box that might include a sandwich, fruit and a macaroon (oh yumm!). Definitely more interesting (and much healthier) than the trolley offerings on board.

The licensed Cafe's open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (menus are available for alacarte dining). There's a 'Menu du Jour' 2 courses for $35. Open 21 hours.

It's definitely not your standard airport fare. And it's sure to scare some people away with it's upmarket cafe presentation. SHE thinks it's the perfect way to while away time waiting, waiting, waiting... Very stylish, very Melbourne.