Cape Sienna at Kamala Beach... chic, stylish and very grown up


SHE's spent a week in Phuket recently. As sometimes happens, the first hotel choice wasn't so flash. One night of an intended six night stay was more than enough, an alternative had to be found...and quickly! And there it was...just down the road...Cape Sienna Hotel & Villas (cue chorus of 'hallelujah'!). This is one very stylish, contemporary hotel that impressed from the moment the lift doors opened on to an expansive view of the Andaman Sea. It's hilly in these parts and the hotel takes full advantage of its position perched up high overlooking the village of Kamala.

Just 15 minutes drive from Patong (and around 400 baht or $11 in a taxi quite late at night!) this hotel ticks all the boxes for grown ups. Sorry folks with kids but in five days here SHE crossed paths with mostly couples and a few 'more mature' singles seeking an escape from the many family friendly resorts in this part of the world.

After a lazy day of lying by the pool and snacking on some really great food in the Poolside Bar Restaurant, SHE deserved a drink. Not just any drink mind you...preferably one that comes with a view to take your breath away: Vanilla Sky Bar. As the storm clouds gathered, SHE sipped a truly fabulous cocktail and enjoyed a sunset to remind you how good it is to be alive.

On this stormy night most guests were staying put and the restaurant was unexpectedly busy. The mostly young Thai staff stepped up nicely - smiling, apologizing for the smallest of delays, moving quickly but clearly enjoying the faster pace. The menu here is extensive - SHE could have happily dined here for the five day stay and not exhausted the options. That's a nice change.

Service is clearly a priority here - the Customer Service Manager was 'on deck' by the pool most days, chatting with guests, asking about their stay, 'Is your bed comfortable madam? We can organise a pillow top if it's too hard.' The response: 'yes please!' SHE didn't even know it was an option but now that you mention mid afternoon, it was done. The result: a great night's sleep and one very happy girl!

Attention to detail, friendly staff, and a hands on approach go a long way in the highly competitive world of hospitality and tourism. The manager at the hotel up the road (who hasn't responded to an email from this very unhappy guest) should drop by for a day or two. Maybe then she'd understand what all the fuss is about, and why guests are leaving her hotel in droves.