Ladies beware: travelling with friends may end in tears


Some time ago SHE did something unusual: SHE travelled to Asia on a holiday with a friend, and not on a work trip. The travel companion was someone SHE'd known for a while but had never travelled with before. SHE was looking forward to this trip, to hanging out with a buddy, having some fun times, shopping, lying by a pool. SHE's still not sure why but it turned out to be a disaster; the kind of travel story you share over lattes and Eggs Benedict at Sunday brunch with your girlfriends, accompanied by cries of "Oh no really? How could that have happened! You got on so well together!".

Here's what SHE knows as surely as the sun rises and sets every don't know a person until you work together, travel together, or sleep together! Honestly...think about that for a moment. You and a friend think you have so much in common. You talk about travelling, where you want to go, what you like to do, the kind of places you want to visit and why. Yet nothing prepares you for the fact that when you finally begin this much anticipated journey things start to go a little wrong. Maybe it's the hotel, it's too hot, there's too many people, not enough people...doubts start to build until something small finally tips one of you over the edge.

So SHE finds herself 4 days into a 9 day trip, after a few rocky days, and a rather large night on the town (it's possible this contributed), on the receiving end of a text message (hello?!) announcing said friend is 'on the way home, enjoy the rest of your holiday'. Wow. Talk about left of centre.

Finding yourself suddenly alone half way through a 9 day holiday, scratching your head, wondering what the hell happened is not the kind of travel experience SHE wants to repeat. As it turns out, SHE's okay on her own, but how many of us would decide to get the next plane home too? What a damn waste!

On reflection, this is just one of the many reasons SHE travels was born: tired of travelling alone to beautiful places SHE wanted to share experiences, make new friends, but have the space to relax and retreat to some privacy without offending the buddy! SHE travels brings small groups of women together with shared interests, travelling to a destination that they're interested in, or they wouldn't have signed up for it. SHE doesn't take our groups to places SHE hasn't personally been to, hotels SHE hasn't stayed in. There are no nasty surprises for the ladies who travel with us (SHE does often surprise our ladies with treats and special touches but these are well received!). Women are comfortable travelling with other women they don't know, when everything's organised for them, as long as the don't need to share room with a stranger. They can relax, no pressure to keep the 'Bestie' happy, to party when they just want to sleep, or be the one who seems to have been labelled 'in charge'.

If this sounds like you, or you're afraid it might be you on the one valuable, much anticipated annual holiday....drop us a line. SHE gets it...BIG time! And SHE'd love you to join us in 2016.

SHE travels has 'learn to surf' holidays to Bali, and golfing holidays to Queenstown, Vietnam and Bali scheduled for 2016. Contact us for more information or to talk about planning your girls getaway in 2016.