Rockpool Perth - fabulous!

Rockpool Perth

SHE's been fortunate to dine at Rockpool in Melbourne on several occasions. Just last week SHE enjoyed a lovely weekend in Perth and stayed at the newly branded 'Crown Metropol Perth' - more on the hotel later.After a rather large weekend SHE was looking forward to a quiet Sunday night - but a girl's got to eat. Something light, with a fine glass of local wine seemed to fit the bill. SHE had hoped to find time to eat at this signature restaurant in the complex, but an attempt at making a restaurant booking for Saturday night was sadly unsuccessful (they're rumoured to be booked out 6 weeks in advance). With some local knowledge SHE found out that it's relatively easy to secure a table in the bar area - it's first in first served and was the perfect last minute option. So SHE opened the massive wooden door and entered Aladdin's cave...

SHE loves a good entrance but this one really did take the gold medal (pardon the Olympics pun!). A long walkway with shimmering candles set into the walls drawing you in to what you hope is the restaurant. There's no clue to what lies beyond when you're standing outside the door; that can be a little intimidating but, as it turns out, so worth it.

At the end of the walkway the restaurant reveals itself. Smiling staff to greet and welcome diners - SHE chose to sit in the bar area where tables of two and four are thankfully not too close together. On a busy night, you're welcome to sit up at the bar and wait for one of these tables to become available. This is the less formal dining option but you're able to choose from the bar menu or the full restaurant menu - SHE thinks it's the best of both worlds.

SHE was seated, offered a drink, the menu, and settled in to choose something wonderful. And indeed it was: Alaskan King crab cocktail washed down with a glass of Vasse Felix chardonnay. It was absolutely delicious.

There's something about Rockpool: SHE thinks it's 'grownup'. It's like kicking back in a very comfortable, well worn leather lounge - it just feels right. The service was excellent: professional, slick without being impersonal, attentive without being intrusive. There's a sense of style and class in this space and SHE hopes that it will rub off on other restaurants about to find their home in Crown Perth.