SHE loves a great bag option!


And don't we ladies love our handbags! Clearly we can never have enough of them - in different colours, shapes, sizes and just because it looks fabulous! SHE gets a litte frustrated though when SHE's travelling and changes handbags - that crucial item always seems to get left in the 'other bag'. Really inconvenient. SHE's found this wonderful company based in Western Australia - SHE loves the West! And SHE does love supporting women in business.

Beachbag organiser

How about this for organised...the clever ladies from Bragbags have some great solutions for helping us all get our lives in order. Checkout their bag organisers - so many options from versions to fit in your day to day handbag or this neat option for your beach bag. How great will that be for the coming summer holidays?

So now no more rustling around in that bag to find your favourite lip gloss or your sunnies. Let's get organised - and in such a stylish way! There are plenty of other cool options on their site - SHE also loves some of their overnight/travel options.

Now it really can be said that SHE can't ever have too many handbags! Good work Bragbags!