SHE loves the Hilton's 'Home Away From Home Kit'


SHE's been staying in the very comfortable Hilton Adelaide for the last week. It's been all about work - and it's been outstanding. Apart from really excellent food, great honest service, and truly friendly staff, SHE discovered the ideal fix for the 'lost/left luggage' dilemma: the 'Home Away From Home Kit'. Regular followers of SHE travels have read about the recent luggage issues - arriving in a destination minus the suitcase and the subsequent battle to restock the basic items. Seems the Hilton has nailed this with a list of essentials on offer just in case you find yourself short. A neat flyer in the bathroom lists items to borrow (ceramic hair straighteners ladies!) or purchase. The list to buy includes basics like hair gel, hair spray, deodorant, nailpolish remover and sunscreen. On the list to borrow SHE's pleased to see the Ipod charger or USB cord and AA or AAA batteries getting a mention. Good thinking folks.

And if you're attending that special event and you're caught short there's the panty hose (SHE always manages to put a nail through the first pair!), Hollywood fashion tape (to guard against wardrobe malfunctions), belts, cufflinks - how very convenient!

SHE thinks this kit is a great idea - it's clearly based on the observations and feedback of housekeeping staff and Concierge who must deal with these requests on a very regular basis. What a great initiative Hilton! SHE's impressed.