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 SHE surfs bali june 2015

SHE surfs bali june 2015

SHE hosted some fabulous ladies on our recent 'learn to surf' holiday in Bali in June. It's a real joy to finally meet everyone, to watch the ladies slowly start to unwind, and to see their reactions when we show them around our villa, our home for the week. One of our highlights: the yelps of joy and delight as we open the door to each lady's luxurious bedroom with their private ensuite. 'Is that all for me?'. Ah, this is priceless. 

In the lead up to the trip, we're always interested to hear about the reasons the ladies choose to join us, what it is they'd like most out of their week. It's a discussion we have when each lady first contacts us. We want to make sure we understand what's important to our travellers, if there's a goal or objective for the week, even if that is 'I just want to relax and have some time for me'. 

Our latest fabulous women were so excited to be travelling to Bali, for lots of reasons (and that's very common), and thrilled with the idea of surfing every day. Their surfing experience differed widely but these ladies had one thing in common: they were going to give anything a try. We had an amazing week, and our local instructors, Frengki and Putu helped them surf waves they'd only dreamed of. 

We laughed, we relaxed, we shared stories and life experiences. We were pampered, had massages by the pool, woke up with morning yoga, and we even danced! Most of all, we surfed. 

Here's some of our favourite moments of the week...

If you'd like to learn to surf, or improve your surfing, join us for a wonderful holiday in Bali. SHE guarantees you'll have memories that will last a lifetime. Click here for more information about our 'learn to surf' holidays.