SHE's been scrubbed to within an inch of her life!

Hammam de la Rose

Marrakech - wow! SHE's never been to this exotic city before and SHE can't help feeling SHE's stepped straight into a movie set (cue Indiana Jones on motorbike speeding through tiny laneways dodging local traders). Some friends recently travelled here and SHE heard all about the famous bathing ritual - the Hammam. When in Rome - or Marrakech as it turns out... 30+ hours of travel, 4 airports and lots of hanging around waiting, waiting, waiting, meant SHE was feeling a bit jaded when SHE finally arrived. Massage please! The Riad owner (Riad Snan 13, gorgeous place in the Medina) suggested a wonderful option at the Hamman de la Rose.  SHE wasn't quite up to experiencing the local version of the ritual - just a little confronting for this Western girl! SHE took the soft option...

Hammam de la RoseHammam de la Rose is a beautiful spa. SHE was shown through to a dressing room, given a robe and the smallest pair of disposable knickers SHE's seen in a while! Then it was upstairs to the Steam Room. In this very warm, slightly uncomfortable heat, SHE was scrubbed, doused with water, buffed with a wonderful smelling exfoliant, instructed to lie down and relax (sign language - SHE doesn't speak French unfortunately!), rubbed over with the most delicious body gel, before a final dousing of beautifully warm water. The result: squeaky clean, soft, smooth skin - wonderful!

Then it was on to a 50 minute massage. Any remaining tight knots stubbornly hanging on were melted away. Absolute bliss!  SHE was a new person!

What a wonderful way to begin what will be a week of fun and adventure in amazing Marrakech! Okay Indy…SHE's ready!