SHE's starstruck by Saffire!


SHE knows that we are so lucky to live in Australia - and one of our most beautiful states is without doubt, Tasmania. SHE was travelling the East Coast last week to ultimately visit our newest and most luxurious destination - Saffire. Wow. SHE's seen a lot of beautiful locations and some stunning accommodation, but its got to be said that this one really impressed.  SHE's delighted to report that SHE is starstruck! There's been a lot of press about this new boutique property - the team at Pure Tasmania and The Federal Group have done a brilliant job getting the word out. SHE's seen more than one or two glowing articles in travel magazines; a friend forwarded me an article from a writer in New York.  All have spoken highly of the location, the stunning design, their experience, and the service. Ah - the service...

SHE believes service is the difference between a good and a truly memorable experience. No point ticking all the boxes with great food, very comfy beds, and views to die for if the service isn't up to scratch. This is surely one of Saffire's greatest assets.

SHE was met by the delightful Marc Lacoste, Guest Services Manager (another one of Saffire's great assets). What a fortunate day for us I say! Marc is the perfect fit for this role - he is knowledgeable, articulate, quietly confident and clearly passionate about the property he calls home for most of the week. How wonderful to be taken on the tour of Saffire accompanied by his wonderful explanations of the philosophy that is fundamental to the property. Marc spoke of Saffire's desire to 'give guests what they didn't know they needed' - the thoughtful little touches like your favourite tea, an ipod loaded with music you love, books you might like to read, wine you definitely want to drink! Ah...real service! At last! All understated, not too gushy, SHE likes to call it 'very grown up'!

As we toured the property, Marc took time to show us the beautiful suites - all designed to take advantage of the stunning views of the Hazards (a rugged mountain chain in the heart of the Freycinet National Park). The floor to ceiling windows give the impression you could just reach out and touch those beautiful mountains. You're a hard person if you don't feel connected to a less material world in this beautiful location.Those wonderful people behind Saffire describe it as a 'sanctuary'. SHE can't think of a better place to help put yourself back together again. Or just to sit, and be, and take time to breathe.

There are all the comforts you'd love to have at home - drop down tellys (why spoil all that with the view of a TV screen even if it is a lovely flat screen?), really comfy beds, a lovely lounge crying out to be sat on (at least for an afternoon). Great furniture, all very comfortable, very tasteful - loved it! And privacy is guaranteed - SHE hates it when SHE's running away for a few days and can hear everything from the room next door! There's nothing special about that!

A luxury suite isn't complete without a well stocked mini-bar...this one gets a 'wow'. Definitely worth staying in for! Sparkling wine, a bottle of fine red (all excellent quality local Tasmanian of course!), a selection of local Lark Distillery spirits, plunger coffee, fine tea (and a teapot to serve it in), real milk! No reason to leave for at least a few hours. But when you do you might go to the spa, or for a walk on that impossibly white beach, or for a ride on that boat, or maybe to dinner...

SHE loves to eat - no secrets there. And SHE loves the fact that Saffire includes a 5 course degustation dinner with matching wines in the daily all inclusive rate. Now if those words 'all inclusive' sound a bit misleading to you, think again. That's exactly what Marc invited us to do as we wandered the property and he explained all about those inclusions guests receive when they stay at Saffire. Let's check them off...all meals (you can choose not to have dinner, but really...why would you? It's incredibly good value!), selected alcoholic beverages (the wine list is a ripper! Nothing but the best of local and overseas on offer here!), spa treatments, mini bar (oh yes!), and lots of activities. And just to top it off, a small but important detail for those who can't stand not to be in touch with the world... internet access. Hooray! Finally someone has included this in an 'all inclusive' rate!

So...service with a capital 'S', excellent value for money, and one of the most stunning locations in the world (yep...the world!). SHE is clearly impressed and can't wait to get back there! Do yourself, or someone you like a whole lot, a huge favour and visit this beautiful property soon!