SHE surfs Bali welcomes a worthy competition winner!

 Virginie focused on her first day on Kuta reef

Virginie focused on her first day on Kuta reef

For business manager Virginie Halpin, winning the SHE travels #aNewAdventure competition earlier this year came at just the right moment in her life.

“It was a very tense time at work with a lot of stress. I read the [SHE travels] blog about how Suzanne [founder] learned to surf at 48 and how it was a new beginning for her and it resonated with me. I’ve just been going through a big change in my life in the way I eat; I’ve lost a lot of weight and am feeling great in my body. I drastically cut my hair to materialise this new start.”

Virginie won a SHE surfs holiday in Bali, a destination she says she loves. “I got married in Bali so it has a special place in my heart. My husband surfs really well so I told him I was doing it for him – when I came home I would be a better surfer and then we could go on a surfing holiday together!”

“I’ve tried to surf on my own and I was starting to give up because it’s really hard in Australia – the waves can close out where we surf – so it was really good in the safe environment that SHE travels gave us. The waves in Bali where they took us on the reef… I’ve never had waves like that in my whole life and they were there every day.”

“My aim when I went to Bali this time was to get my confidence back, which I definitely did, and I learned some cool little turns. I was really going (on the holiday) for the surfing but the combination of activities with nice drinks and meals was great. Within the first day I felt so good and it’s such a good atmosphere. You become a small surfing family.”  

 Celebrating after another awesome surf session on kuta reef with our little surfing family

Celebrating after another awesome surf session on kuta reef with our little surfing family

So what would Virginie say to someone thinking of going on a SHE surfs holiday? “I would say go for it, especially if someone is really serious about learning to surf – you’re going to be looked after. I think it’s perfect for a mature woman; she’s happy to let go of her family life, she’s tired of the kids, she just wants to go and have a week for herself. She’s going to get pampered, she’s going to feel great, she’s going to do yoga – it’s a journey to look after yourself.

“I came back so full of energy, so revived, feeling great with myself, having my confidence back. The day I returned my husband and I went surfing and I was actually on the waves before him!”

Join us in Bali for our ladies-only 'learn to surf' holidays. It will change your life. 

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