The coolest thing to do in Beverly Hills


SHE's been in the US of A in the last month, researching the best places to visit and the coolest things to do for our trip this time next year. A first time visitor to America, SHE was dazzled by the friendliness of the locals - yes...really! Don't be too quick to brand all Americans as loud, gregarious people who travel the world on cruise ships (with all due respect) - they're not all like that (just as we Aussies are not all like the Bintang-wearing Bogans who travel the world giving us a bad name!). Rating as one of the coolest things SHE got amongst during a stay in Los Angeles was a Segway tour through Beverly Hills. Our group were first time Segway riders - a little nervous, a touch apprehensive. After a safety demonstration, some expert guidance, and practice in the carpark, our confidence increased and we headed off in single file through Beverly Hills. Segways are licensed to be ridden on the sidewalk in America - how cool is that? They're incredibly easy to ride, require little skill and limited training. They're easy to manoeuvre and they 'turn on a dime' (and that's a neat trick once your confidence increases!)

We glided down the palm-lined streets of Beverly Hills, past the houses of the rich and famous, and along Robertson Street for glimpses in boutiques and celebrity eateries. The highlight, without a doubt, was gliding along Rodeo Drive - absolutely awesome! SHE was surprised how forgiving the locals were...people happily moved out of our way as we rolled slowly down the centre of the sidewalk. Many joked with us that it was the best way to travel, and not one person was angry or upset with us. Can't honestly say that SHE thinks it would be the same if we rolled through Bourke St Mall in Melbourne on a Friday afternoon!

The people at Another Side of Los Angeles Tour were fantastic: helpful, accommodating, patient, excellent teachers and knowledgeable guides. Our guide somehow managed to not only navigate her way through busy streets, but keep an eye on us at the same time - and she gave those of us who were feeling confident a chance to pick up the pace a little once we reached a quieter area - big fun! Some simple hand gestures and clear communication made this trip a stress-free experience. Thanks guys! SHE loved it and SHE'll be back!