Want some great places to eat & drink in Hobart?

SHE's been hosting some great mates and a few fabulous Kiwis (that'd be our New Zealand friends!) in Hobart this week. SHE's found some really cool places to have a glass of wine, maybe a pizza, and of course a great recovery breakfast. Here's the favourites from in and around Salamanca... Grape Bar & Bottleshop: how very grown up to drink a glass of fine Tasmanian wine from a Riedel stemless wine glass. Now that's stylish! Lovely snack items available to accompany that glass of wine. The Squires Bounty: wander through Grape looking for the bathrooms and you'll find yourself in the home of James Squire's beers in Hobart. Lots of food options available here too. Nice place to sit perched on high bar stools people-watching over Salamanca Square. Cargo Bar & Pizza Lounge: really great pizza and equally good people-watching at this groovy bar right next door to Grape. Knopswoods Retreat : this pub is an institution amongst locals. Friday afternoon and the crowd spilled out over the footpath - no-one inside! A major find...Gillespie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer on tap - oh yeah...that's a very fine local drop!

And breakfast favourites... Zum: great coffee, SHE loves the Italian beans with 2 beautifully soft poached eggs on a bed of spinach. Perfect recovery breakfast! Smolt: more excellent coffee and breakfast offerings - weekends only for breakfast. The baked eggs are really good, there's all things salmon and lots of locally sourced produce. Also great for lunch and dinner (7 days).

It goes without saying that if you're planning a trip to Hobart do your best to include a Saturday - Salamanca Markets are famous - and rightly so! Local Tasmanian produce features strongly, handicrafts, clothing, beautiful wooden items...there really is something for everyone. Take that long deserved trip overseas and get amongst Hobart!