Wearing a bikini at 46? SHE says 2 thumbs up!

SHE surfs May 2014

SHE's giving two thumbs up in support of a 46 year old Queensland mum who recently posted a photo of herself in a bikini online. The photo went viral on Facebook and started some interesting discussion amongst women of all ages. SHE's a little baffled by all the media hype; here's a regular woman, embracing life, feeling good, looking good, and deciding to wear a bikini. Last time we checked bikinis don't come with an age limit or 'use by' date. Surely what's important is that this woman is healthy and comfortable in her own body. If she wants to wear a bikini, whose business is it to decide she shouldn't, or more importantly, to judge her for it?

4 friends EasterCloser to home, SHE's proud of the fact that SHE has a wonderful circle of female friends who come in all shapes and sizes. We range in ages from mid-thirties to newly-turned fifties, we embrace our differences, wear what we're comfortable in, and thankfully, don't waste a moment judging each other. Most of us surf together and there's plenty of discussion about what's the most suitable attire for getting out in the water. Our decision is always about what's comfortable for us; we don't surf in bikinis because we keep losing them when we fall off our boards! Wardrobe malfunctions are just a distraction to us so we choose practical. If we're by a pool we'll wear a bikini if we damn well feel like it. Because we can, because we want to. Regardless of our age.

SHE celebrates women of all ages and all backgrounds through our travel programs.  Ladies who join our 'learn to surf' programs generally fall into the 35 - 55 age group. SHE's really proud that these ladies also come in all shapes and sizes. Some are a little tentative and self conscious before they arrive to join us in Bali, but it only takes one day in the water to realise that no-one cares about your swimsuit, or about what you're wearing. We just care about how much fun we're having, that we're strong, fabulous women with a sense of adventure, and a maturity that means we'll do what we like, and love it!

Here's to embracing our differences, our freedom to choose what's best for us, and to celebrating diversity! United we stand ladies.