beautiful accommodation, wonderful dining experiences, personalised activities


SHE doesn’t like to compromise when it comes to a good night’s sleep and a comfortable room. SHE also likes to stay in accommodation that makes the most of the destination, is well located, and has a certain sense of style.

Accommodation might be any of the following options:

  • Minimum 4 star hotel accommodation
  • Swanky villas (with private bathrooms, a plentiful supply of sun lounges you don’t need to fight for, a dedicated chef preparing menus tailored specifically to the SHE ladies, plenty of space and lots of privacy if you’d like it)
  • Beautiful homes and private accommodation options with all the special touches you’d expect from a ‘ladies only’ experience

Our trips are generally based on single accommodation (no supplement required) – SHE believes you deserve a little luxury – your own room, your own bathroom, no-one to tell you to get out of the shower. SHE knows you’ll enjoy the privacy of retreating to your own room at the end of a long, wonderful day. 

SHE loves to eat

Our trips include breakfast each morning, most lunches, and dinner most nights. As independent women travellers we know that dinner can be the most awkward meal of the day – there’s not much fun in sitting alone in a restaurant at night trying desperately to look interested in a magazine or an ipad, surrounded by people having a great night out.

Dinner is the meal we share to talk about our daily adventures, compare shopping tips, debate the best massage in town, and just chat. And laugh. 

SHE gets out and about

SHE loves spending time with the locals and getting to know those wonderful things that make the destination ‘tick’. SHE knows the destinations we visit intimately and SHE'll share this knowledge with you. Great shopping tips, authentic dining experiences, unique cultural adventures – you’ll have time to take it all in without having to worry about a travel guide book.